Serious Selection of Creative Agency Partners? Consider These Five Criteria

July, 27 2019

As a businessman in any field, you certainly want rapid and effective progress in business. One of the ways you can do this is to recruit a truly qualified and reliable agency agency.

In short, creative agency is an agency that helps companies to develop and market their products or brands, with a variety of media presentations such as websites, applications, social media, search engines, and so on.

Today, the Creative Agency is considered far more effective than the usual Advertising Agency. In addition to the use of a relatively lower budget, the Creative Agency also has far greater impact and benefits than the Advertising Agency. By using digital media, companies are able to market and promote their products to a more targeted target market without any boundaries.

The high demand for creative agency services was offset by the start of creative agency services. In response to this, you really have to be selective in choosing the really good and quality ones. Here are five criteria that the creative agency must have at least as a sign that he is truly professional and qualified:

  1. Experience

In fact, 70 percent of prospective clients will definitely ask about the experience of a creative digital marketing agency. So, there’s nothing wrong with checking the track record and portfolio of prospective agents that you will choose.

  1. Get to know the team!

Maybe you will directly relate to the Business Development Manager or Account Manager when working with a creative agency. Even though it is very important to know who works in the digital agency team to grow your business. Also find out how professional they are in the team because you will work with the team for months. So it’s very important for you to like your team.

  1. Location

It’s important to choose an agency that is close to your office. If you live in Bandung, you should not choose a digital agency in Jakarta. Sometimes, distance is not a problem, but a digital agency must continue to interact with you continuously, report progress that has been achieved regularly and tell what to achieve in the following months.

  1. Portfolio

Doing a deep search of a website owned by a digital agency company will certainly help us to get to know more about the capabilities of the company. In general, creative agency companies will publish portfolios or work results on past projects on the company’s official website.

To assess the quality of work of the creative agency company in question, we can examine customers who have used products or services before. For example, if the creative agency company had redesigned the website of an oil company, then we could visit the oil company’s website to test its quality.


Just as if we use a product or service from a company, we must also pay attention to the behavior of the provider. This also applies to a creative agency company. To find out how the quality of services provided by the company to customers, then we can pay attention to the way the employees in speaking or handling ourselves when communicating either via e-mail, telephone, or even face to face.

In addition, we can also ask companies that have used products and services from the digital agency company before.