Five Steps to Exploring the Idea So That It Is a Glorious Work

June 9, 2019

We certainly are often amazed by the works of people who look brilliant, both in the form of writing, images, multidimensional products, and other forms. It’s so cool, the works are worthy of being displayed in the mass media, being trending, selling well, being discussed in various discussions, even being promoted commercially to gain rupiah coffers.

Witnessing the phenomenon of exploration and realization of ideas in the form of works that take place every day, maybe you are wondering, how come? How do people get ideas, where do ideas hide? How do you capture the idea and then process it, and in the end it can be the best ammunition?

1. There Are Many Milling Ideas Around Us

Who says ideas live in a hidden place. It is precisely the ideas that are circling around us, too many and all brilliant.

Humans think and interact with each other, and with difficulty. He also moves and thinks with a brilliant set of organs created by God. When we wink, when we see clouds that are marching in the sky, when we feel cold wind or water, there will be any ideas that emerge and potentially spark brilliant works.

Unfortunately, we have been accustomed to neglecting their existence since childhood for various reasons. Maybe you ignore ideas because of accidental factors, cultural and environmental constraints, or you may be too confused about how to sort ideas into works, so many ideas that need to be processed.

2. Make a list of ideas

After you realize the existence of ideas that are actually scattered, immediately make a list of ideas to be processed into works immediately (writing, paintings, products and others). But if you feel you don’t have enough time and space, then those ideas can be stored for a moment when you are ready to process them. But at least, the list of ideas is very useful to be the most effective idea capture tool.

3. Confident and Open Minded Every Day

Confidence is also really the main capital of the coming style and thinking out of the box so that your mind is open to other supporting ideas that arise in the head. But remember! Confidence not to overdo it. If it’s excessive, it’s arrogant. While arrogant will lead to the bluntness of the mind.

4. No Limiting Interactions

Inviting ideas and processing them later will not be flexible and rich if you just keep quiet in a stuffy and narrow room. Then associate with as many people as possible, visit all beautiful and historic places, read a variety of books, and listen to music that pleases the ears. All of that will make your inspiration even richer, even though you have a lot of provisions to process ideas into works that are worthy of being exhibited.

5. Complete What Has Started

It’s okay for you to be skilled at capturing a variety of interesting ideas, but it will all be futile if you are used to delaying work or not completing what has already begun. Maybe the reason is tired and bored. But remember! Something valuable will not be obtained by way of intrusiveness and whiny attitude. It is hard work, courage to try, learn from mistakes and continue to maintain determination to make you succeed in processing ideas to become brilliant works.